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Brookside Blast 1/5/24

The new year happens to align well with the half way point in the school year. Next Friday marks the end of the first semester and report cards will be sent home the following Thursday (January 18th). This year, we will be sending home the biannual report cards via email.  Please contact us at school if you'd prefer a hard copy,

      These twice a year progress notes are just one of the ways that we communicate about a child's growth.  These are summary reports, that share overall growth. Staff will identify both strengths and areas for growth, looking forward to the latter portion of the school year. Before report cards are sent home, we encourage families to talk about strengths and areas for growth, and your beliefs about report cards. The way that WE frame the discussion has a great deal of impact on how our students/children think about something.  We always stress that areas for growth are doors of opportunity ; rather than thinking of them as a weakness, they show us how we might next grow.  There is a great TED talk by Carol Dweck, author of the book Mindsets, that explores setting the tone of understanding all of our learning as a growth curve -- and the curve can only grow if we continue to set a "next point" to grow towards.  

The week before break, our fourth graders were treated to a UVM Womens' Basketball game at the Patrick Gym in Burlington. They had a blast!

The first graders (before break) and the second graders (this past week) had sun and blue skies for their respective solstice celebrations! Thank you parent volunteers for supporting with supplies, presence and supervision!

This week, your child received the necessary materials for the Calendar Raffle! The Brookside PTO has decided to again collaborate with Crossett Brook for this highly successful and popular fundraiser with the support of local businesses. Each ticket is just $1O and gives over 85 chances to win cash or amazing local prizes. There's over $9,000 in cash & prizes! This crucial fundraiser allows the PTOs to offer a variety of programs that enrich our students' lives. We ask students and parents to please help sell tickets with a goal of every student to sell 10 tickets. Online sales are available here:

Students are also entered into a raffle to win one of 3 student prizes per school. The more tickets your child sells, the more chances they have to win.

Questions can be directed to Thanks in advance for your support!

Music Notes

4th Grade Chorus

Students can practice their chorus music over vacation by going to the music website and clicking the button "Chorus Practice"! Happy Practicing!

What's happening in music at BPS?

Ask Me!: This week, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students received another "Ask Me!" sheet from music class. On the sheet is a song or rhyme students have been practicing in music class. Ask your student to perform and/or teach it to you! Singing and speaking rhymes at home are both great ways to strengthen your child's music skills.

2nd Grade students have been enjoying the dance "Bow Wow Wow" and the game "Let Us Chase the Squirrel". Ask your child to sing and/or teach them to you!

3rd Grade students analyzed musical form in the Winter favorite "Sleigh Ride" by Leroy Anderson. Ask your student about the different activities they did in music class with this fun song!

4th Grade students continue to be Recorder Rockstars! Students are encouraged to bring their instruments home over the break and practice. Ask them to perform "Star Light Star Bright", "Witch, Witch" or any other song from their recorder booklet!

Music-Making at home:

There are many great seasonal songs about winter, holidays and light. I encourage all families to find some fun ways to make music together throughout this season by singing songs, having dance parties, creating original music or playing on real or homemade instruments!

Third and fourth graders met in Allyship group before break to create positive and supportive messages for Moretown staff after their building was flooded.

Upcoming dates to note:

  • Thursday 1/11 6:30pm PTO meeting

  • Monday 1/15 - no school (in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.)

  • Tuesday 1/16 - no school (teacher inservice)

In partnership,

Sarah & Chris



Please note that the opportunities/events listed below are not specifically endorsed or screened by school staff. As always, families should use their own standards and review processes to determine appropriate activities.


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