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Brookside Blast 11/18/22

SNOW!! The first snowfall always brings with it an element of magic. Students and staff alike enjoyed the first snowy recess, many second graders took their first ski in the big field and one fourth grade class even had a snowball greeting (indoors!) with a real snowball during morning meeting!

As a reminder, please send your children with BOOTS, SNOWPANTS and outdoor gear as long as there is snow on the ground. We go outside just about every day and kids who are dressed for the weather enjoy it much more. Thank you for helping your kids be prepared to comfortably enjoy the outdoors! Kids also need a pair of sneakers/shoes to wear indoors. If possible, its great if kids can keep a pair of shoes to wear at school, so they don't forget them.

Here at BPS we have a 4th grade student who is very interested in aviation. She wanted to learn more and chose to do a passion project on this subject. Her teacher just happened to have a friend who was a pilot in the Marines (now working and flying for Beta). He was happy to be interviewed by the student. The interview was such a big hit that the pilot offered to fly a helicopter to BPS and land on the soccer fields. What an amazing experience awaits us all next Tuesday morning!

Supporting Students Social & Emotional Learning

This November we are focusing on the theme of Self-Management. Last month we highlighted being self-aware; being able to identify emotions. Self Management is that next step; knowing what to do with the emotions we are feeling, hopefully keeping things positive, and finding agency and advocacy through this.

Helping children to recognize their emotions is step one; step two is helping them know what to do with those feelings.

Here are some ideas and suggestions that you might try at home:

  • Here is a wonderful site of picture books with a self-management theme. Link

  • Try out and practice the strategy “STOP • BREATHE • THINK”

    • Step 1 is to STOP before you react. Notice how you’re feeling. Pay attention to your body and your mind. What’s happening? What do your body and your mind tell you about how you’re feeling?

    • Step 2 is to BREATHE Of course, we breathe all the time without even thinking about it. But in Plan 1-2-3, we do a special kind of breathing called deep breathing.

      • You start by taking a big breath through your nose while you count silently to five. Take in the deep breath while counting to five and then hold it and count to two. Then let the breath out through your mouth while counting to five. Have your child do several cycles of this deep breathing.

      • Ask, how was that for you? How did it feel?

      • Explain that we stop and then take some deep breaths until we feel calm. When we’re calm, we can think better about what to do. That may help us make better choices.

    • Step 3 is to THINK. Ask: What is the best thing to do right now? Maybe the best thing is to do nothing. Maybe the best thing is to tell the other person how you’re feeling in a strong but not mean way. We can be pretty sure that hitting or saying mean things is NOT the best thing to do. Think of the choices. Think of the consequences.

Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger

Parent/Family Update: River of Light Lantern Parade 2022

Theme: Marvelous Magic

We are all very excited about this year’s lantern parade. Here are some useful bits of information for the night:

WHEN: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2022 - The parade starts promptly at 5:00PM

WHERE TO START: The starting location is in the front of Brookside Primary School. Please arrive between 4:15 and 4:45 to retrieve your lanterns. There is no parking in the front of the school. See parking details below.

Picking up Lanterns

3rd/4th Grade Students:

Go to the GYM to pick up lanterns which will be organized by class groupings.

Pre-K through 2nd Grade Students:

Go to the hallway near your classrooms. We’ll do our best to get the lanterns and onto your coat hooks or desks. All lanterns are marked with students’ names so take a minute to make sure you have the right lantern. The poles will be located in the hallways near your child’s classrooms.

When your child has a lantern and a pole, head out to the front of the school and get a place in the parade line where you can wait until it is time to set off.

What to Wear: Please do dress up warmly! You will be outside for a while. Waterproof boots, thermals, gloves, hats, etc. Gloves are especially useful for carrying the bamboo pole.


BPS students must have a responsible adult accompany them on the parade route. If you would like to have one adult be responsible for a small group of children (e.g. I have my two children and I’ll be responsible for my friend’s two children) that would be okay. BUT students CANNOT be dropped off at the parade site to be met at Dac Rowe at the end.

At Dac Rowe:

There will be a community bonfire at Dac Rowe, so please instruct your children to behave responsibly. Under no circumstances are children permitted to burn their lanterns. All bamboo poles will be collected for future use. Please HAND YOUR POLE TO STEWARDS (who will be wearing safety vests). The lanterns and lights may be taken home.

LOST CHILD: If you and your child get separated at the park, please go to the hot chocolate stand (which will be located at the pavilion) and we will help you reunite!

Lantern Etiquette:

To make this a safe and fun event for everyone in the parade, please go over the following lantern etiquette with your child before the parade:

  • Walk with lanterns - as opposed to running

  • Try not to swing the lantern about - so you don’t hit anyone with it.

  • Stay behind the band in the front. The band will set the pace. Please don’t go in front of them.

  • Hold the bamboo pole firmly – with the lantern out in front and not back over the shoulder. Please be aware of the people around you and hold your lanterns as high as possible, where it can be seen and enjoyed by all. Keep in tight formation and HAVE FUN!

More information can be found on our website or please contact MK Monley at We look forward to seeing you on December 3rd!

Parking at BPS: There will be no parking in the front school parking lot because this is where we line up. Please use the PARKING LOTS at the back of the school or park downtown. There will be NO PARKING on Armory Avenue or at Dac Rowe.

You may find on street parking downtown or use these other parking lots that are available:

Parking Close to Dac Rowe for leaving

  • Anderson Field/Swimming Pool

  • Post Office

  • Municipal Building/Library

Downtown Parking

  • At the old Municipal Building 51 S. Main

  • Behind the Methodist Church - access from Foundry Street

  • Near the Train Station (where the old freight house was).

Health Education

Students are talking about healthy habits in health education class. See the poster below from the Health Smart Education Curriculum and have conversations at home about what is important for your family around each of these healthy habits.

Music Notes

BPS Chorus

Permission slips are due by this Tuesday, November 22nd. Only students who return permission slips will be able to attend chorus rehearsals after we return from Thanksgiving break. Click here if your child lost the permission slip, but would still like to sign up for chorus.

Chorus Rehearsal Schedule:

3rd Grade - Tuesdays from 7:40-8:10

4th Grade - Thursdays from 7:40-8:10

Upcoming Dates to Note:

  • Wednesday, November 23 - Friday, November 25- Thanksgiving Break- No School on these days

  • Saturday, December 3- River of Light Parade- Waterbury Village- 5:00 start

  • Wednesday, December 7- HUUSD School Board meeting- 6pm- HU Library or via Zoom

  • Thursday, December 15- IDC presentation- HU auditorium- 7pm

  • Wednesday, December 21- Winter begins- 4:43pm

  • Wednesday, December 21- HUUSD School Board meeting- 6pm- HU Library or via Zoom

  • Friday, December 23 to Friday, December 30- Holiday Break - no school on these days. School resumes on Monday, January 2nd.

Thank you for sharing your students with us! We are grateful for you!


Sarah & Chris



A Fun Night at Mad River Glen When: Dec 3, 2022, 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM Where: Mad River Glen, Fayston, VT, USA The snow is coming down, it's getting darker earlier, and folks are starting to hunker down.... So what better of a time to come hang out with the Grift and our awesome community! Spring Hill School is hosting its 23rd annual Bid and Boogie on Dec. 3 , a night of live music provided by the Grift up at Mad River Glen. All are welcome to join, from 8pm to midnight. Get your tickets now! $25 and available at: In addition, you can support the school through our online auction, which has local wares, ski passes, stays at local B&Bs and more. The auction goes live November 25, so keep your eyes peeled for the link. We look forward to seeing you there! And thanks for supporting Spring Hill School!


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