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Brookside Blast 2/18/22

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We all really felt the love this week!

We had visits from dinosaurs on Wednesday, outdoor learning while the snow lasted and valentine exchanges galore!

Thank you families for sharing your children with us. We look forward to a restful break and returning in March!

Parents who are contemplating an extended time away from school for their child while school is in session should begin a dialogue with the child’s teacher as soon as possible. In the event an extended absence (more than a couple of days) is planned, the family is required to request that the absence be excused; such request must be made to the principal in advance of the planned absence. This request is subject to the principal’s approval. All requested leaves of 10 or more days need to be submitted in writing to the Superintendent for approval. Parents can use the linked form (click here) to submit to the Superintendent.

From Mrs. Baitz:

We have wrapped up this year’s Kids Heart Challenge. Thank you to all of the students that collected donations for the American Heart Association. Money raised will be used to save lives like Finn’s. Ask your child about Finn. We have been following his progress for 4 years. Thank you gifts should arrive in 3-4 weeks. If you didn’t get your donations in before vacation, you can still turn them in after vacation. Thanks.

Reminder: February Break until March 1st, school resumes Wednesday, March 2nd

Please check out our updated Community Events including Girls on the Run and summer opportunities!

In gratitude,

Sarah & Chris


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