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Brookside Blast 2/23/24

It's unlike us to miss a week of the Blast, so consider this week a 'double stuf.'

Congratulations to 4th grader Lillian Keller, whose writing will be published as part of the Young Writers Project "A Wander in the Woods" contest. Her work will be published on May 31, 2024. Congratulations Lillian!

Last week, Brookside celebrated Kindness Week with a variety of special activities each morning during arrival.

In addition, our staff was treated to a generous (and delicious) breakfast on Valentine's Day! Thanks to the PTO - what a treat!

Reminder: Vacation is 2/26-3/5. We will see you back to school on Wednesday, March 6!

Enjoy the break and stay active and healthy!

Sarah & Chris

From Mrs. Baitz:

-After vacation we will be starting our gymnastics/stunts/tumbling unit.

-We are still accepting sneaker donations (sizes kids 12-3)

Updates from Mme. Chartrand:


See anything you're missing?



Please note that the opportunities/events listed below are not specifically endorsed or screened by school staff. As always, families should use their own standards and review processes to determine appropriate activities.

Is your family interested in hosting international guests?  A group of high-school aged students will be visiting Vermont from Burma for three weeks in May to learn about leadership and sustainability.  PH International, a local nonprofit, seeks families who are willing to host these guests for a portion or all of their stay.  All of the Burma visitors are proficient English speakers.  Please contact (Drew Diemar at for more information.

The BPS and CBMS PTOs are excited to announce all the winners so far for the Calendar Raffle (1/28/24 through 2/20/24).

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.  And a BIG thank you to all the amazing businesses that donated prizes this year!  There is still time to win.  We have a whole week still to go! 

1/28 - 2 Lift Tickets to Sugarbush Mtn Resort; winner is Antonia McGuire; ticket sold by Beatrix McGuire

1/28 - $25 Gift Certificate to Zenbarn Restaurant; winner is Lisa Bryan; ticket sold by Grayson Gendimenico

1/29 - Family 4 pack to Jay Peak Pumphouse; winner is Melissa Greenwood; ticket sold by Sage Sadowsky

1/29 - $20 Gift Certificate to Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant; winner is Kevin Viani; ticket sold by Olivia Viani

1/30 - 2 Lift Tickets to Stowe Mtn Resort; winner is Jamie McKnight; ticket sold by James Abair

1/30 - 4 bags of coffee from Underdog Coffee; winner is Karli Clark; ticket sold by Everly Renaud

1/31 - $50 Gift Certificate to Jeremy Ayers Pottery; winner is Frannie Donovan; ticket sold by Finn Donovan

1/31 - 2 Lift Tickets to Bolton Valley Resort; winner is Derrick Martens; ticket sold by Haley Martens 

1/31 - $27 Gift Certificate (6 Empanadas) to Paprika Catering; winner is Nick Antell; sold by Hailey Antell

2/01 - $25 Gift Certificate to China Star Restaurant; winner is Jessica Kelman; ticket sold by Sterling Renaud

2/01 - 8ft Christmas Tree from Murray Tree Farm; winner is Kate and Frank Renaud; ticket sold by Everly Renaud

2/01 - Free Month to Jazzercise; winner is Jay Vogelsang-Card; ticket sold by Zarek Vogelsand-Card

2/02 - 6 pairs of sockets from Darn Tough Socks; winner is Michael Hollister; sold by Saoirse Hollister

2/02 - $20 Gift Certificate to Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant; winner is Anna Walls; ticket sold by Anthony Walls

2/03 - $40 GC to The Wine Vault; winner is Nicole Hynes; ticket sold by Callum.

2/03 - $100 Cash from Stowebury Construction; winner is Andrea Schneider; ticket sold by Cody.


2/04- $100 GC + Hat from The Alchemist; winner is Rodrigo Alvarez; ticket sold by Noah.


2/04 – 2 Tour Passes to Snowmobile Vermont; winner is Kristin Blauvelt; ticket sold by Kristin.


2/05 – 8inch Blue/White Serving Bowl from Perry Hill Pottery; winner is Nick Antell; ticket sold by Hailey.


2/05 – Free Month & Uniform from Green Mountain Dojo karate; winner is Nick Antell; ticket sold by Hailey.


2/06 - $27 Gift Certificate (6 Empanadas) to Paprika Catering; winner is Nikki Kerstetter; ticket sold by Eden.


2/06 - $100 GC to Brave Coffee; winner is Mike Belizzi; ticket sold by Laurel.


2/06 - $150 GC to Pampered Chef with Karla Thomas; winner is Kathleen Lengel; sold by Eleanor.

2/07 - $50 towards a Ski/Bike Tune at Waterbury Sports; winner is Annie Cohen; ticket sold by Anna.

2/07 – Free hour for Business or Real Estate legal services from Darby Kolter & Roberts LLP ; winner is Laura Thompson; sold by Ezekiel.

2/08 - $50 GC to Hen of the Woods; winner is Sarah & Dave Dunn; sold by Jacob.

2/08 - $50 GC to Woodstock Farmer’s Market; winner is Michael Hollister; sold by Saoirse.

2/08 - $50 GC to Park Row; winner is Sara Wing; sold by Vince.

2/08 - $50 GC to Prohibition Pig; winner is Katie Reen; sold by Joshua.

2/09 - $25 GC to BHAV Spa; winner is Brittany Gorman; sold by Sterline.

2/09 - $25 GC to Stowe Street Emporium; winner is Shannon Wells; sold by Karlee.

2/09 - $25 GC to Jimmz Pizza; winner is Julie Morse; sold by Asah.

2/09 - $25 GC to China Star; winner is Nancy Fountain; sold by Finn.

2/09 - $25 GC to Ben & Jerry’s; winner is Taunya Dunster; sold by Leah.

2/10 - $200 Cash from Arron Flint Builders; winner is Aanika DeVries; sold by Elliana.

2/10 – Free State Inspection from Snowfire Auto; winner is Elizabeth Burt; ticket sold by Emerson.

2/11 – $150 Cash from Billings Mobil; winner is Gypsy Lew; ticket sold by Evan.

2/11 - $100 Cash from Main Street Family Dentistry; winner is Trevor Delcotto; ticket sold by Ezekiel.

2/12- $25 GC to K.C.’s Bagel Cafe; winner is Pam Eaton; ticket sold by Harley.

2/12 – Free K Slim Hot & Iced Keurig Dr Pepper Machine & box of coffee; winner is Richard Beal; ticket sold by Macy.

2/13 - $50 GC & Hat to The Reservoir; winner is Donna Quinlan; ticket sold by Marshall.

2/13 – Free Christmas Tree up to 8’ FT from Murray Tree Farm; winner is Sharon Dalley; ticket sold by Riley.

2/14 - $25 GC to China Star restaurant; winner is Jeanne Grant, sold by Nella


2/14 - $500 of legal services from Stackpole and French Law offices; winner is Cassandra Coakley, sold by Riley


2/15 - $50 GC to Cold Hollow Cider Mill; Winner is Holly Peters, sold by Sydney


2/15 - $50 GC to Stowe Street Cafe; Winner is Virginia Martin, sold by Thatcher


2/15 - $50 GC to Sunflower Natural Food; Winner is Julie Carino


2/15 - $50 GC to Tiny Acorn; Winner is Meeghan Jones, sold by Finley


2/16 - $20 GC to Hong Kong restaurant; Winner is Rosa Mondragon Herrera, sold by Axel


2/16 - $25 GC to Waterbury Veterinary Hospital; Winner is Heather LaRocca sold by Macy


2/17 - $150 Cash donated by Billings Mobil; Winner is Sharon Dalley, sold by Riley


2/17 - 5 Treatment Punch Pass to Open Community Acupuncture; Winner Is Joe Duffy, sold by Aleeya


2/18 - $100 Cash donated by Northeast Pools and Spas; Winner is Gary Burt, sold by Emerson


2/18 - $100 GC to Stowe Cider; Winner is Michael Roos, sold by Teagan


2/19 - $375 GC to Darby, Kolter, Roberts LLP; Winner is Jennifer McGahey, sold by Isla


2/19 - $100 GC to Salt and Rind; Winer is Marya Monte; sold by Liam Lukasik


2/20 - $25 GC to Ben &Jerrys; Winner is Ryan Kunzmann, sold by Harper


2/20 - $25 GC to Waterbury Veterinary Hosptial; Winner is Ann Eagan-Stone’ sold by Azalea


2/20 - $25 GC to Zen Barn; Winner is Mike Marotto, sold by Eva.

Spruce Peak Arts -

  • Summer Camp Registration is open

  • Curious Place Theater Afterschool Program at BPS!

Download PDF • 234KB

MakerSphere Afterschool Program March 2024
Download PDF • 127KB


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