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Brookside Blast 11/4/22

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Happy Friday Brookside!

I have a daily calendar on my desk and today's page is featured at left. What an amazingly serendipitous message for today! We had a fantastic schoolwide celebration on Friday afternoon complete with a 'rainbow parade' and whole-school extra recess! Here are just a few pictures we captured, but Lisa Scagliotti and Gordon Miller from the Roundabout were both here so stay tuned for some drone shots and possibly a feature in the Waterbury Roundabout!

Election Day

Election day is next Tuesday and our building will be open for in-person voting. We have some details that we'd like to share in advance so that you are aware. Voting for the General Election for Waterbury residents will take place in-person in the gym from 7am - 7pm. Most voters will enter the rear entrance (parking in the visitor lot and walking down the steps). They will access the gym and exit the same door. A Sheriff and plenty of volunteers will be on site.

Family Conferences November 14-18

It's already time for student/family conferences at Brookside! These 20 minute conferences include students and are focused around goal setting, in addition to offering an opportunity for families, students and classroom teachers to connect.

We will be using Canyon Creek to help schedule these conferences. The sign-up window opens Monday 11/7. Please find the directions to facilitate this process below:

  1. Visit the school’s homepage and select “How Do I” and then select “Schedule a Conference.”

  2. From the Online Scheduler Home Page

  3. Choose your student’s school from the drop down list and click “GO"

  4. Enter the school password bps.

  5. Enter your student’s “Student ID”. If you do not know their Student ID, use the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system

  6. Verify the student’s birth date

  7. A list of your student’s teachers will be displayed. Check the box next to the name of the teacher you would like to meet with.

  8. If you have more than one student in the school you can see all of your students’ teachers’ schedules at one time by answering YES to this question “Do you want to schedule conferences for another student?” then repeat the steps above for your other students. If you only have one student, answer NO to that question.

  9. You will then see the available time slots for each teacher you selected.

  10. Select the times that work best for your schedule

  11. Enter your email address (recommended) if you would like an email reminder sent to you. (Your email address is kept private.)

  12. Once you have finished you can confirm your appointment details and print your conference schedule.

  13. Write down the Confirmation Number (you will need this number should you need to cancel your appointment)

  14. Need help? Contact the school’s Online Scheduler™ specialist: Michele Ballard or 802-583-8024.

We are grateful to have such a supportive and caring school community.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah & Chris

Nurse Notes

We wanted to remind you that ticks are still active. Ticks are usually found behind the ears, around the armpits or groin area. Remove ticks using a fine tipped tweezer and pulling straight up. After removal, cleanse the area with soap and water. If you think a blacklegged tick has been in place for more than 36 hours or if it is engorged (the body of the tick is puffy and olive green), please call your health care provider. Watch for signs of tickborne illnesses for up to 30 days. Symptoms may include fever, rash, headache, fatigue, joint pain. Report any of these symptoms to your provider. Visit or for more information.

Tick Removal from Holiday Giving Tree Several area organizations are interested in sponsoring children and/or families during the upcoming holiday season. They have enlisted our help to make contact with interested families who have children and who would like to receive assistance. Please complete the linked form to sign up for this program. Entries should be completed by November 4th. Forms will not be accepted after November 11th.

Please reach out to the BPS Nurse team with any questions (

The Annual Waterbury Giving Tree Program begins on Saturday, November 19th. Those wishing to purchase gifts for children in our community may choose a tag from a tree displayed at the Waterbury Public Library. The tag will include the age, gender, sizes and special wishes for an anonymous child in our area. If you would like to participate but prefer not to shop, monetary gifts are accepted in person or can be mailed to the Waterbury Branch of Community Bank attn: Waterbury Giving Tree Program at 994 Waterbury Stowe Road, Waterbury, VT 05676.

Reminders from Madame Chartrand:

- Many students in grades 3-4 have started coming home with the new Linguascope username and password. Here is the document that was shared a couple of weeks ago, so that you can assist your child with accessing this resource: Linguascope Directions.

- You are also always welcome to email me: to ask for the username/password. Please let me know who you are asking for.

- Yoga permission slips have gone out for grades 3 and 4. They are due back on November 10th.

If a student has their own mat, please write that on the permission slip.

- Grade 3 yoga start date: Monday, November 14th

- Grade 4 yoga start date: Tuesday. November 15th

Music Notes:

BPS Chorus

BPS Chorus is back and in full swing! It was wonderful to have such a great turnout for both groups, and students can continue to attend rehearsals without signing up until November 22nd. Chorus is a singing group that rehearses once a week before school for 3rd and 4th grade students. If your child loves music or singing and would like to have more of it in their week, they can come see what it's like. Permission slips will be available at rehearsals and will be due by November 22nd. Only students who return permission slips will be able to attend chorus rehearsals after we return from Thanksgiving break.

Chorus Rehearsal Schedule:

3rd Grade - Tuesdays from 7:40-8:10

4th Grade - Thursdays from 7:40-8:10

4th Grade Families - Recorders

4th Grade students will be starting recorders this week in music classes. If your child is bringing an instrument from home, please have them bring it to school on the days they have music class.

Please reach out to Lizzy Palumbo at if you have any questions about BPS Chorus or recorders.




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