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Brookside Blast 12/2/22

We hope your Thanksgiving break was everything you needed it to be. We are excited to be back in our routines for the next three weeks to finish out 2022! We are grateful for the family and community support of our students and school and look forward to the magic that will be on display tomorrow, Saturday, for the River of Light Lantern Parade! This event is the essence of Waterbury - community, light, collaboration, art and joy. Thank you for being a part of it!


Sarah & Chris

It's finally here! This weekend is the River of Light Lantern Parade! We look forward to having all students join us SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2022 - The parade starts promptly at 5:00PM.

WHERE TO START: The starting location is in the front of Brookside Primary School. Please arrive between 4:15 and 4:45 to retrieve your lanterns. There is no parking in the front of the school. See parking details below.

Picking up Lanterns

3rd/4th Grade Students:

Go to the GYM to pick up lanterns which will be organized by class groupings.

Pre-K through 2nd Grade Students:

Go to the hallway near your classrooms. We’ll do our best to get the lanterns and onto your coat hooks or desks. All lanterns are marked with students’ names so take a minute to make sure you have the right lantern. The poles will be located in the hallways near your child’s classrooms.

When your child has a lantern and a pole, head out to the front of the school and get a place in the parade line where you can wait until it is time to set off.

What to Wear: Please do dress up warmly! You will be outside for a while. Waterproof boots, thermals, gloves, hats, etc. Gloves are especially useful for carrying the bamboo pole.


BPS students must have a responsible adult accompany them on the parade route. If you would like to have one adult be responsible for a small group of children (e.g. I have my two children and I’ll be responsible for my friend’s two children) that would be okay. BUT students CANNOT be dropped off at the parade site to be met at Dac Rowe at the end.

At Dac Rowe:

There will be a community bonfire at Dac Rowe, so please instruct your children to behave responsibly. Under no circumstances are children permitted to burn their lanterns. All bamboo poles will be collected for future use. Please HAND YOUR POLE TO STEWARDS (who will be wearing safety vests). The lanterns and lights may be taken home.

LOST CHILD: If you and your child get separated at the park, please go to the hot chocolate stand (which will be located at the pavilion) and we will help you reunite!

Lantern Etiquette:

To make this a safe and fun event for everyone in the parade, please go over the following lantern etiquette with your child before the parade:

- Walk with lanterns - as opposed to running

- Try not to swing the lantern about - so you don’t hit anyone with it.

- Stay behind the band in the front. The band will set the pace. Please don’t go in front of them.

- Hold the bamboo pole firmly – with the lantern out in front and not back over the shoulder. Please be aware of the people around you and hold your lanterns as high as possible, where it can be seen and enjoyed by all. Keep in tight formation and HAVE FUN!

More information can be found on our website or please contact MK Monley at We look forward to seeing you on December 3rd!

Parking at BPS: There will be no parking in the front school parking lot because this is where we line up. Please use the PARKING LOTS at the back of the school or park downtown. There will be NO PARKING on Armory Avenue or at Dac Rowe.

You may find on street parking downtown or use these other parking lots that are available:

Parking Close to Dac Rowe for leaving

1. Anderson Field/Swimming Pool

2. Post Office

3. Municipal Building/Library

Downtown Parking

4. At the old Municipal Building 51 S. Main

5. Behind the Methodist Church - access from Foundry Street

6. Near the Train Station (where the old freight house was).

Parking Map for River of Light 2022

Nurses' Notes

December 5-9 is National Influenza Vaccination Week. There’s still time to protect yourself and your loved ones from flu by getting an annual flu vaccine. Currently, flu activity is elevated across the country, but there is still time to benefit from the first and most important action in preventing flu illness and potentially serious flu complications: get a flu vaccine today.

Has your child received their annual flu vaccine yet? There’s still time! Every year flu puts thousands of children in the hospital. A flu vaccine gives children 6 months and up extra strength to fight flu. Call your provider's office to schedule their vaccine today! Flu vaccines are also available at walk-in clinics in the area.

PE News

This past week we started our gymnastics unit in PE. Students learned:

  • some different animal walks,

  • worked on flips, candle sticks and bird's nests on the rings,

  • practiced climbing and swinging ropes

  • and worked on the parallel bars learning bear walks, crab walks and swing throughs.

Next week we will be introducing rolls and cartwheels, balance beams, single bar and vault.

NEW BPS T-Shirts For Sale

Thanks to the design efforts of our young artists, we have a new BPS t-shirt for sale. Please visit this link:

Print the order form and turn in to the main office by Thursday, 12/22/22. Payment can be made with order or at delivery. Please make checks payable to Brookside Primary School.

Thanks for supporting our school!

Backpack Program Donations Needed

Brookside Primary School is looking for donations for the Backpack Program. This program sends a backpack home on the weekends for enrolled families. We are in need of the following:

- Canned Vegetables

- Canned Soup

- Canned Chili

- Tuna Helper

- Cornbread Mix

- Macaroni and Cheese

- fruit cups

- Granola bars

- individual servings of Cheez-Itz, Goldfish, Popcorn, Trail Mix

- Fruit Leathers

There is a bin in the main entrance to place donations. You can also order items online and ship them to 47 Stowe St, Waterbury, VT, 05676. Any help is appreciated.

If you have any questions or need to enroll in this program, please contact me (Aimee Smith) at or Michele Ballard at



Giving Tree

The Annual Waterbury Giving Tree Program is now up at the Waterbury Public Library. Those wishing to purchase gifts for children in our community may choose a tag from a tree displayed at the library during regular business hours. The tag includes the age, gender, sizes and special wishes for an anonymous child in our area. If you would like to participate but prefer not to shop, monetary gifts are accepted in person or can be mailed to the Waterbury Branch of Community Bank attn: Waterbury Giving Tree Program at 994 Waterbury Stowe Road, Waterbury, VT 05676.


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