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Brookside Blast 5/17/24

This week was a treat - there are so many amazing things happening at BPS!

We look forward to the upcoming special events in the coming weeks...

Friday  5/24

4th Field Trip

Wednesday, Thursday

5/29, 5/30

Book Fair during Arts Night

Wednesday  5/29

2nd Field Trip

Wednesday, Thursday

5/29 & 5/30

Arts Night

Thursday  5/30

1st Grade (and Kindy Wedge) Field Trip

Monday  6/3

2nd  (Menz & Kennedy) evening show the Lorax

Tuesday 6/4

2nd  (Menz & Kennedy) Field trip

Wednesday 6/5

Bike and walk to school

Wednesday 6/5

1st Grade Field Trip

Friday  6/7

Field day 🎉

Monday 6/10

4th grade: step up day at CBMS

Step Up Day for grades K-1 and 2nd-3rd

Tuesday  6/11

3rd Grade Field Trip

Wednesday  6/12

2nd Grade Field Trip

Wednesday  6/12

3rd Grade Chorus Field Trip

Thursday 6/13

4th Grade Celebration of Learning

Friday 6/14

Last Day of School for Students

Please see more detailed information from your child's teacher regarding any of the above events.

We look forward to seeing everyone during the Arts Nights!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sarah & Chris

Cirque Us Performance

On Thursday, we welcomed performers from Cirque Us, a Boston based circus and entertainment and education group. They put on an engaging performance for our students. We look forward to hosting Cirque Us all next week for student workshops during P.E. classes as our artists in residency this year!

The Pulsera Project

Hello Brookside Families! Alex Prior here, second grade teacher at BPS. I wanted to share that my class will be collaborating and participating in the Pulsera Project these next two weeks. 

The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that educates, empowers, and connects Central American artists with students in more than 3,600 U.S. schools through the sale of colorful hand woven bracelets, or "pulseras" in Spanish. Our classroom will be facilitating the pulsera sales with other students here at BPS on May 21-24 and May 28-31st from 7:30-8:00. With the money that we raise, we are funding/supporting social impact programs that empower people through education, scholarships, healthcare, leadership opportunities, housing programs, and much more. 

My students are so excited to hold this fundraiser here at BPS. I am including the link to their website if you want to check it out and learn more! The bracelets cost $5 and the bags cost $15. We have created a schedule for different grades to come visit our classroom to purchase these beautiful hand woven bracelets and bags. There is no expectation that everyone will purchase a bracelet/bag, but we encourage anyone interested to come help us in raising money for the Pulsera Project! 

We can't wait to color the world together! 

Week #1:

  • Tuesday- May 21: Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • Wednesday- May 22: 1st and 2nd grade

  • Thursday- May 23: 4th grade

  • Friday- May 24: 3rd grade

Week #2:

  • Tuesday- May 28: 4th grade

  • Wednesday- May 29: 3rd and 1st

  • Thursday- May 30: 2nd

  • Friday- May 31: Pre-K and K

A Message from the principals at HUHS

Harwood Families -

After much discussion, reflection and consideration the Harwood staff came to a consensus.  

How we implement this and what it looks like will continue to be explored and will be informed by the work ahead with students, staff and families/guardians.  To that end, please join us on May 29th @ 6pm, as Harwood’s Student Harkness leaders facilitate dialogue for both staff and community members to collectively begin considering the research and discuss: 

How will a break in our use of Cell Phones increase engagement, connection and learning at Harwood? 

There will also be a whole school dialogue with staff and students in June to process and discuss.

There is much more to learn and understand from each other in order to continue collectively creating a learning environment where ALL students, staff, and families feel a sense of belonging, pride and purpose and that strengthens and sustains a rigorous and robust academic program that provides exploration and prepares students with knowledge, understanding, and skills for their next steps.  

This is going to be hard.  

And, we are excited by the positive opportunities ahead in 2024-2025!

We look forward to doing this work in partnership.    

Laurie, Meg and Bethany

Ticks – The top 10 things to remember

  • Ticks crawl up – Ticks don’t jump, fly or drop from trees onto your head and back.

  • All ticks (including deer ticks) come in small, medium and large sizes. 

  • Ticks can be active in winter.

  • Ticks carry disease-causing microbes. 

  • Only deer ticks transmit Lyme disease bacteria. 

  • For most tick-borne diseases, you have at least 24 hours to find and remove a feeding tick before it transmits an infection. 

  • Deer tick nymphs look like a poppy seed on your skin.

  • The easiest and safest way to remove a tick is with a pointy tweezer. 

  • Clothing with built-in tick repellent is best for preventing tick bites. 

  • Tick bites and tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. 

Top ten things to know. (ND). The University of Rhode Island. Retrieved May 6, 2024, from

The University of Rhode Island has created a QR Code specifically designed to help answer the following questions: 1) how do I prepare for an outdoor adventure 2) what do I do when I get home and 3) I found a tick, what now? Please use it to answer these very important questions!!

Vermont Department of Health: Measles cases are on the rise in the U.S.

Measles is a highly contagious respiratory virus that can be dangerous, especially for babies and young children. Measles cases are rising in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. In the U.S., nearly twice as many measles cases have been reported in the first few months of 2024 compared to all of 2023. Within the last two weeks, the Vermont Department of Health reported the first diagnosed case of measles in the state since 2018. Measles is common in some countries so make sure you’re protected against measles before traveling internationally. Check with your provider or your school nurse if you are unsure your student is fully vaccinated.

BPS is offering a yearbook again!

It will be free of cost to 4th grade students (you do not need to order one).

All others can preorder (for $12.76) at this link:

Yearbooks will be distributed when they arrive in June. Please note: If you are ordering past 5/17, your yearbook will be delivered directly to your house.



Please note that the opportunities/events listed below are not specifically endorsed or screened by school staff. As always, families should use their own standards and review processes to determine appropriate activities.

Waterbury Rapids Swim Team!

Joining the Waterbury Rapids swim team is a great way to have fun while becoming a stronger swimmer as part of a dynamic team. We will be practicing and having meets this summer at the Waterbury Pool.

Children of all ages and swim abilities are welcome! Families from all area towns are welcome including Northfield, Barre, Waitsfield, Richmond, etc. Below are the links for the flyer with lots of information.

This year you can register with the Waterbury Recreation Department’s website. Not sure if this is right for your family? Come to practices 5:00 - 7:15 Monday June 24th and Tuesday June 25th to see what it is all about!

Sleepy Hollow 2024 Summer Camp Programs!

Slammin’ Outdoor Camp: Get outside and adventure in Sleepy Hollow’s 850 acres of forest and trails in Huntington! We head out on the trails every day to explore the natural world around Sleepy with a new outdoor theme every day, including forest, stream and pond studies. We also do fun outdoor activities every day- hiking, mountain biking, swimming and more!  Campers can expect a fun week outside packed with activities, art projects and games.

  • Ages: 8-12 years old

  • Cost: $300 per camper

  • Weeks: July 22nd - 26th OR July 29th - August 2nd

  • Time: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm


Summer Ski Camp: Spend the week outside at Sleepy Hollow’s 850 acres of forest and trails in Huntington, with running, hiking, mountain biking, rollerskiing*, swimming and more! The camp is geared towards kids that are excited to try some summer nordic summer training. We get out on the trails every day and do activities, art projects and games too, all with the focus of summer fun outside! *Rollerskis not needed- we team up with NENSA for rollerskiing, and they provide a fleet for us to use.

  • Ages: 10-14 years old

  • Cost: $300 per camper

  • Weeks: July 15th - 19th

  • Time: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Location: Sleepy Hollow Ski & Bike Center, 427 Ski Lodge Drive, Huntington, VT 05462

Questions? Contact Summer Program Director, Heather LaRocca at or 802-345-7837.

Hannah's House Sponsors Documentary Screening and Discussion

Join Hannah's House therapists Gary Frankel and Cathy Hirce on

Wednesday, May 29th, 6-8PM at the Steele Community Room in the Waterbury Library building for a free community viewing of "Anxious Nation" and follow up discussion/Q&A.

"Anxious Nation" explores and captures the many faces and facets of anxiety. This feature-length documentary deeply looks into the anxiety and the mental health crisis in America, especially its impact on young people (ages 10-26) and families. The film looks at the various ways anxiety shows up, the nurture/nature debate, situations in homes and society that are significantly adding to the problem, the mental health crisis on college campuses, and the impact of anxiety in lower socioeconomic communities, especially the Brown and Black communities. We discuss stigma, loneliness, isolation, disconnection, the alarming rise in suicide, the dangers of social media, incorrect diagnoses, and the horrific mental health ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our mission is to create a unified community for people struggling with anxiety that encourages open dialogue and the sharing of coping strategies. By shining a light on this often-hidden issue, we seek to create a more compassionate and understanding society that supports those grappling with anxiety." - Anxious Nation Team

Learn more about the film and watch the trailer here:

To reserve your seat, email or call 802-496-9715. 


June 10, 2023


**Rain or Shine**

Walk for a cause - A Cause 4 Paws! Raise money and you will help provide food, shelter, exceptional care, and second chances to over 1,000 animals who will need CVHS this year. Join us on the State House lawn, show off how much you love your furry friends, and help save animals - one step at a time!


YOU can make a differenceEvery dollar you raise will make it possible for us to go the extra mile to save lives. Every penny counts!

For full schedule of events, T-shirt details, prizes, and to register:


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