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Brookside Blast 5/8/22

Thank you for showering teachers and staff with appreciation this week. Gratitude abounds! As the weather continues to warm over the coming weeks, please be sure to dress your child in layers - cooler mornings can be followed by warm afternoons and kids spend time outdoors each day. Thank you!


Mark your calendars for the BPS Spring Concert on Thursday, May 19th at 6pm in the gym. This performance will feature students from 3rd Grade Chorus, 4th Grade Chorus, and 4th Grade classes will perform, as well.

Concert Dress:

Chorus - Something bright and springy! (bottoms should be an appropriate length or worn with leggings or tights; no ripped clothing)

4th Grade Classes - students will wear school provided t-shirts; bottoms should be an appropriate length or worn with leggings or tights; no ripped clothing

Practice Materials: 4th Grade students received practice sheets to take home today. If they would like to sing along to a practice video, they can go to the BPS Music Website and scroll to the bottom.

Email Lizzy Carlson with any questions at

Music Artists in Residence:

BPS will have two guest musicians working with students in music classes this Spring!

Last year, Marlena Tucker-Fishman taught students about Stepping, a type of dance that incorporates body percussion, chanting and full body movements. Stepping originated in South Africa, where miners would use rhythmic tapping on their gum boots in the dark caves as a way to communicate. Stepping has evolved in many ways, most commonly recognized in playground chants and hand clapping games. Step Teams perform and compete in schools around the US and beyond, both at the collegiate and professional level. Students will work with Marlena to build upon the skills and knowledge from her visit last year. Students will also work with Natasha Giles, a skilled singer with Stepping experience. She is excited to share songs and her passion for singing and music with BPS students.

Working with artists from our community is a hugely valuable experience for students to learn from experts and expand both their skills and their thinking. We are so lucky to be able to offer this opportunity, and look forward to many more opportunities like this in the future.


3/4 students will work with Marlena and Natasha the weeks of April 25-29 and May 2-6

PreK-2nd grade students will work with Marlena and Natasha the weeks of May 9-13 and May 16-20

All work will happen during music classes. We plan to showcase this learning with 4th Grade at the BPS Spring Concert on May 19th. Videos will be available on the school website if you are unable to attend in person.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to mothers in all forms, including moms, step-moms, grandmas, aunts, great-grandparents, caregivers, foster parents and friends. We hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend!


Sarah & Chris


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