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Brookside Blast - 8/1/21

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Brookside Community!

We hope you are enjoying your summer! We are writing to introduce ourselves and let you know how to contact us should you need us:)

Brookside has shifted to a new leadership model. We now have two principals sharing the role (co-principals), Chris Neville and Sarah Schoolcraft. This essentially means that we will collaborate and share the responsibilities of the principalship. While we will each have individual areas that we will be leading or be the main contact for, we will both be supporting all students, staff, and families. You may contact either one of us at any point if you need something. We hope this first post helps you get to know us a little better.

Chris Neville

The 21-22 school year marks the start of 17th year in education and my 11th as a building administrator. I have had the great pleasure of serving as the principal in 3 different schools in the Denver metro area. Before that, I was a Special Education Teacher. My family and I moved to Waterbury this summer. I could not pass up the opportunity to live in such a beautiful area and to work at Brookside alongside Ms. Schoolcraft. My wife, Becca, is a Speech/Language Pathologist and will be working at Waitsfield and Fayston Elementary Schools. Both my wife and I grew up in the northeast and are excited to be closer to our families. We have two young children, Rocco and Autumn. Rocco will turn two in November and Autumn will turn five. They are full of joy and energy:) I love kids and feel blessed to have the opportunity to impact the lives of our students and their families. My greatest hope is that we, as a school community, foster and support the natural curiosity that is a hallmark of childhood. I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks.

Phone: 802-583-8026

Sarah Schoolcraft

I am thrilled to be working as a Co-Principal at our newly renamed Brookside! After 16 years as a classroom teacher, special educator and instructional coach, I have had the privilege of being part of the administrative team at Brookside since 2019. Mr. Neville and I are so excited to be teaming in the leadership of this incredible school, in our equally awesome community. One fun fact about us is that we both grew up in Upstate New York, and are both now community members in Waterbury and Duxbury! I have two children attending Brookside this year: Joel is a rising Kindergartener and Paris is a rising 4th grader. My oldest will be a 9th grader and attends school in Williston. My spouse is also a school leader in HUUSD. As we embark on this year of Recovery, I am eager to continue to strengthen our home-school partnerships as the “village” that all children deserve and I look forward to continuing to foster a place where all children get what they need.

Phone 802-583-8007

We are both here to serve the wonderful students, families and staff of Brookside and are so excited for the first day of school on August 26th! We know many of you have questions about the upcoming school year. Please be on the lookout for more detailed communication the week of August 9th. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


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