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Brookside Blast 3/11/22

Happy Friday Brookside Community!

With the winter/spring/winter/spring weather, we have had some treacherous recess experiences. In an effort to keep kids outside and limit ice-related injuries, we have occasionally had to close the upper staff parking lot to cars (to be used for recess). This has a ripple effect on parking, leaving very little visitor spaces available. Please bear with us as we work to balance the needs of students with a limited parking/traffic situation. The use of the front circle may be the best route for student drop off in the morning.

Speaking of front circle drop off (and pick-up), PLEASE ensure we can keep the line moving smoothly. When drivers have to exit their vehicle to support/organize students, it holds up the line and most recently some buses have had difficulty getting into the lot due to the traffic situation. We really appreciate your cooperation!

SBAC Testing window

All students in grades 3-4 will participate in SBAC testing in May. Test administration will occur on May 3-5 and May 10-12. More information will be forthcoming from classroom teachers after the April break.


Friday, March 11th is Global SEL Day, hosted by SEL4US and the Urban Assembly. While it seems odd to narrow it down to one day, since we have focused so heavily on SEL these past two years, today's theme theme this year is Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good. The following TED talk was recently shared with our staff, and it highlights the simplicity and essence of valuing social-emotional learning - especially in the development of our youngest learners. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

CSCI Survey

As announced in the HUUSD Community Bulletin last week, the district has been operating under a COVID Recovery Plan this school year to ensure a safe and healthy

environment for in-person teaching and learning. Our plan includes the administration of an online Comprehensive School Climate Survey (CSCI) to assess our work to create a healthy and supportive school climate. The survey is from the National School Climate Center. You can learn more about why school climate is important and how to foster a positive school climate at

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and will be offered to students in grades 3-12, all school staff, and households of students in all grades PK-12 (one family member per household per school should complete the survey). The survey window is March 21 - April 1.

Collaborative bulletin board celebrating March = Music in our Schools!

Masking and other COVID Updates

On Thursday, Superintendent Nease sent out a SwiftReach with community updates regarding COVID protocols. Please be sure to read that here:

As of Monday, March 14, masks will be optional in HUUSD schools, pk-12, including for school events such as athletics and on school transportation.

Here is a resource, adapted for elementary students, to support talking about masking in your own family.

BPS Spring Family Conferences: March 14-25, 2022

Family conferences provide an opportunity for students, families and teachers to come together and review the goals set earlier this school year. Teachers may share information regarding student strengths and challenges outside of these established communication cycles and families are encouraged to reach out to teachers if they have questions regarding their child’s progress. Some family conferences are being offered in-person, others via Zoom or Google Meet, and some teachers will offer choice.

Family Conference Scheduling:

● The sign up window will be open from Saturday, March 12th at 8:00 am to Wednesday, March 16th at 4:00p.m.

● Individual classroom teachers set up their own schedule on those days which will be evident when you log in to sign up for a conference.

● These Family Conferences are an opportunity to set goals for your child. Your child needs to be in attendance to participate in the goal setting exercise.

Step-By-Step Parent/Guardian Instructions:

1. Visit the school’s homepage and select “How Do I” and then select “Schedule a Conference.”

2. From the Online Scheduler Home Page

a. Choose your student’s school from the drop down list and click “GO”

b. Enter the school password bps.

c. Enter your student’s “Student ID”. If you do not know their Student ID, use the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system.

d. Verify the student’s birth date

e. A list of your student’s teachers will be displayed. Check the box next to the name of each teacher(s) you would like to meet with.

f. If you have more than one student in the school you can see all of your students’ teachers’ schedules at one time by answering YES to this question “Do you want to schedule conferences for another student?” then repeat the steps above for your other students. If you only have one student, answer NO to that question.

g. You will then see the available time slots for each teacher you selected.

h. Select the times that work best for your schedule.

i. Enter your email address (recommended) if you would like an email reminder sent to you. (Your email address is kept private.)

j. Once you have finished you can confirm your appointment details and print your conference schedule. Write down the Confirmation Number (you will need this number should you need to cancel your appointment)

3. Need help? Contact the school’s Online Scheduler™ specialist: Michele Ballard or 802-583-8024

Happy Weekend and enjoy the March Snowstorm scheduled for tomorrow!!

Sarah & Chris


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