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Brookside Blast 3/4/22

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hello Brookside Community! We hope you enjoyed some time off with your amazing kiddos. We have loved seeing our students back at school. The fresh snow and a bit of sunshine have made recess, mask breaks, and cross country skiing quite fun this week. We have a few exciting things to share this week.

Thank you to those who came out to vote on Town Meeting Day. Our school budget passed, and voters also approved of a contribution of surplus money to our Maintenance Reserve. Thanks for supporting our schools!

New Sign

You may have noticed our new sign (that was ordered in July)! The Waterbury Roundabout wrote a great article about this historic change:

COVID Protocols and Mask Updates

You are probably aware of recent announcements from our Governor about loosening mask restrictions. Here is an update of recent changes that impact BPS:

  • Upon our return from February break, we have given students the option to not wear masks outdoors.

  • On Monday 3/7, we will allow more students eating together in the cafeteria. Currently, we have two classes eat in the cafeteria at a time. On Monday, all four classes in a particular grade level will be allowed to eat together. We will continue to space students to the greatest extent possible and students will sit at tables by class.

  • There will be no other changes to masking or COVID protocols until after March 14th.

Thanks for sharing your children with us! Have a great weekend!


Sarah & Chris

Conscious Parenting Circles

Hannah's House is sponsoring "Conscious Circles" with Suzy Blais of Green Mountain Conscious Parenting. If you are wanting to feel differently on the inside, speak differently, and act differently with your family this space is for you. Do you wish you could feel calm, comfortable and more connected so you can show up as the parent you daydream of? This is a safe space for those wanting to connect with other parents and learn more about coping with the challenges, parent-guilt, shame and frustration that comes with parenting. If you are wanting to become more clear and connected to your children these circles are for you. Suzy Blais will answer your questions, provide insight on Social Emotional Development, share tools and tips for this journey of parenting. There will be a different topic covered each Wednesday along with time for dialogue and peer support. There is no cost; pre-registration is required: or 802-496-9715.

Topics we'll cover:

  • How to become more mindful, aware and conscious of our inner Social Emotional Climate.

  • How to create coping strategies that will help us in the moment and also model this for our children.

  • Are you parenting from old conditioned beliefs and generational patterns? Holding space for our children's emotions is difficult if we don't hold space for our own.

  • Grow up! Let's reparent ourselves. We can now meet our own needs, think for ourselves, trust our own intuition and judgements rather than let others think and do this for us.


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