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First Day Updates! 8/26/21

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Brookside Community! Congratulations on a very successful first day! Despite the elevated temperatures and heat index warning, students and staff had a wonderful return to school today. A few quick updates (with a more extensive Brookside Blast coming tomorrow):

  • AM Student Drop off: Please do NOT park in the drop off loop in the morning. Cars must pull all the way forward, and students must exit on the passenger’s side of the car (closest to the sidewalk). Drivers should stay in their vehicles.

  • Pick Up Patrol: Please update your child’s default plans in Pick Up Patrol ASAP. This is hugely important as we have many, many students to support in a safe transition home.

  • Bus Routes: There have been many requests for bus route modifications in the recent days. PLEASE check the bus routes regularly over the next week or so; the most current information is always on the HUUSD site:

  • CBMS Bus Riders: If your child has a sibling that will catch the bus to CBMS from Brookside, they can ride BUS 5 (planned arrival/departure from Brookside 7:25-7:30 and planned arrival at CBMS at 8:18am).

Your patience is very much appreciated as we iron out all of these details in the next several days. Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Sarah & Chris


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